Maintain your Database

This is the beta test site for the SUDSjs database support system. No coding is required to allow users to Create, Read, Update and Delete information.  SUDSjs gives you a quick start to creating your database and giving your back office an administration function. They can get to work on building the database while you develop the fancy customer-facing application. 

Basic functions:

This version supports several relational systems (MySQL. PostgreSQL, SQLite3)  plus the MongoDB document database. So it can deal with normalised and denormalized models; and  tabular or structured data. Other databaae management systems can be added.

Who am I?  

I am a retired software engineer, and this was my project in COVID lockdown to keep my brain active and keep me up to date with modern developments.  But in the end I think it is pretty neat.  I just turned 80, so don't bank on me for long-term support - but I have no plans to check out any time soon. But I hope this is useful to maybe givew you ideas, or to use in NOSQL training. If anyone wants to work on this with a view to taking it on and getting it in production, please contact me - 

Please take the tour

* Terminology differs between relational and document database systems. So I have reverted to 'classic' terminology:

Classic Relational Document
file table collection
record row document
field column field