Edit row/document

This example is the user page. See an example in action here.    

The edit page is split into groups (profile and contacts).    Some groups don't have any input fields won't apply and are not listed.  In fact there are only Profile and Contacts groups.

The Details section includes:

The autocomplete function  presents a list of possible matches as you type in the data.  This may refer to a table/collection in the database or (in this case) a table in the configuration diretory.

The rich text feature uses CKEditor 4. This is developed from the original fckeditor by Frederico Caldeira which dates from 2003, so it is a very mature and stable product.   However we have a couple of alternatives: 

If you need another editor, you can write a handler for it based on the handlers for these. Handlers are stored in /bin/suds/input.  They are configured in the main configuration file (around line 400).

If you specify a record type, the edit program asks for you to select the record type before presenting the main edit form.

Follow this link to see the schema for the User table.  Note that there are fields that you do not have permission to see such as security information.

There is an examle of all field types here the schema for this very artificial table is here.

Contact Management example