Listing, filtering and sorting

Click here. to list a very simple file. (it will open in a new tab). The link will log you in as a test user with very limited permissions. 

This listing uses the most flexible method of accessing the database. CouchDB provides an alternative method called 'Views' which is much more efficient, but needs to be configured for each listing. This is discussed here.

The content of the file is goverened by a schema file. It is similar to other schemas you may have seen, but it includes the rules for creating an input feld. It can also have rules for displaying the field and processing the field.  The role of database schema is discussed here.  

Please feel free to work with this file. The database is reset every evening. If you click on the three dots to get a detail subject listing, it may include a list of exam papers for thst subject. In that cas the 'delete' button is not working. You can't delete a subject if there are papers for that subject in the database. This is discussed here

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