You are curently running CouchDB. More details on this database management system here.

SUDSJS has been developed to run with several different database systems.  You can switch here, but this site is reset to CouchDB every morning. 

Switching databases is not something you would do in production, because it changes the database for the whole system (or at least the whole thread). It is intended for demonstration and testing only. The databases in the test system are at various levels of development. The Couch database that loads up initially is probably the most stable.

If you do switch databases you won't notice much difference. The databases structure and content is very similar. But for NOSQL databases there will be some denormalised and structured data. For Couch DB there are a few views set up that illustrate how you can speed up processes. 

You may need to log in again. The login is demo@demo.demo  password demo..

The databases available are:

This is the market leader of the NOSQL database management systems on the market. It is fast and scaleable. Click here: to switch.

SQLite 3

SQLite is a lightweight relational database management system. Click here: to switch.


MySQL is a very popular free relational database management system. Click here: to switch.


Coming soon.